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Ben Ormstad

Y'ello! Thanks for popping by and reading my books! Also, if you decide to join my newsletter and share my books with your friends, there's a special place in the afterlife awaiting you, hehe ;)

So, who am I? Well, a Norwegian author now mainly writing English books, a YouTube-dude, a web developer and Google Ads-nut, a musician / music producer, a small-scale illustrator - and a bit more, but let's stop while everyone's still paying attention..

I wrote my first book at 14 years old. Or, you know, at least that's how it felt. In reality it was just a badly written short story scribbled in a worn-out school pad. However, I do believe it ignited the itch I would soon need to scratch over and over again for the rest of my life. Because two years later, at 16, I wrote my first, actual novel - a 200-page paranormal story containing demons, human sacrifices and sarcastic humor. 

Since then, I've had a couple books traditionally published, but didn't really enjoy the process and started indie-publishing my books instead. Lots more fun since I can write whatever the hell I want, cheaper books for my readers and I make more per sale - in other words, win-win-win!
After writing books in Norwegian for 17-or-so years, I decided to try something different. And so, mid 2019, after the release of the last book in the Norwegian trilogy BIOBRIKKEN, I began writing what was to become the first book in the English LitRPG / LitFPS series OVERTAKEN ONLINE. 

Now, I'd written both short stories, novellas and other types of reading material in English before, so I wasn't new to writing in English, but I'd never actually written a full-length novel. Turns out it is a great bunch of fun - and also, being a lover of games ever since I got Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Genesis as an 8 year old, plus having a technical degree in 3D Game Design, writing LitRPG is the perfect genre for me.

Flash forward to 2021, and I've now written the first three books in the OVERTAKEN ONLINE series, plus a companion novella you get for free by joining my newsletter. I'm enjoying every second of this journey, and hopefully you're having a good time following Dex Walsh and his comrades in their virtual reality experiences in OVERTAKEN ONLINE.

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