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Ben Ormstad

Y'ello! Thanks for popping by and reading my books! Also, if you decide to join my newsletter and share my books with your friends, there's a special place in the afterlife awaiting you, hehe ;)

So, who am I? Well, a Norwegian author now mainly writing English books, a YouTube-dude, a web developer and Google Ads-nut, a musician / music producer, a small-scale illustrator - and a bit more, but let's stop while everyone's still paying attention..

I wrote my first book at 14 years old. Or, you know, at least that's how it felt. In reality it was just a badly written short story scribbled in a worn-out school pad. However, I do believe it ignited the itch I would soon need to scratch over and over again for the rest of my life. Because two years later, at 16, I wrote my first, actual novel - a 200-page paranormal story containing demons, human sacrifices and sarcastic humor. 

Since then, I've had a couple books traditionally published, but didn't really enjoy the process and started indie-publishing my books instead. Lots more fun since I can write whatever the hell I want, cheaper books for my readers and I make more per sale - in other words, win-win-win!
After writing books in Norwegian for 17-or-so years, I decided to try something different. And so, mid 2019, after the release of the last book in the Norwegian trilogy BIOBRIKKEN, I began writing what was to become the first book in the English LitRPG / LitFPS series OVERTAKEN ONLINE. 

Flash forward to 2023, and I've now written four books in the OVERTAKEN ONLINE series, plus a companion novella you get for free by joining my newsletter

Additionally, I've recently released BLIGHT LEECH - a Grimdark Fantasy LitRPG story set in the already established Apocosmos Multiverse. 

I'm enjoying every second of this authorly journey, and hopefully you're having a blast submerging your mental faculties in pools of my imagination encoded in strings of letters :)

My published Norwegian novels.

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